We help you understand what your digital marketing data is telling you and turn those numbers into strategic plans for growth. 

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These are the core values that drive everything we do at BrandHouzz Digital. 
Our clients choose us because we tell it like it is. No fluff or BS. We want you to see real results, so we will always be straightforward with you. 

Curiosity is at the heart of what we do as digital marketers. This discipline requires constant learning, testing and experimenting. While we focus on the fundamentals that are proven to work, we're always investigating the data to see what new insights we can find. 

I am not a ‘digital guru.’ I don’t think it’s possible to be one in this discipline. But I am always learning and sharing my knowledge. 

I will never throw data screenshots or marketing jargon at you. In fact, I’m known for breaking down complex digital marketing concepts and translating data into language you (and your board) can understand. 

My goal is to give you strategic recommendations and actionable advice that leaves you and your team feeling more competent, confident, and empowered.

Over time, I expanded my knowledge of digital marketing to complement the experience I already had in traditional marketing and business development. I knew that if I wanted to focus on data-driven digital marketing, I’d have to start my own agency. And in 2015, BrandHouzz Digital was born! 

In 2015, I created BrandHouzz Digital, a strategic digital marketing consultancy that helps brands in professional service industries leverage the power of digital marketing to grow their business.

Long before BrandHouzz, I discovered the power of digital marketing while helping a not-for-profit arts organisation with a very small marketing budget promote its international ballet festival and classes. 

I fell in love with being able to reach international audiences quickly, reaching tens of thousands of people (and then hundreds) on a shoestring budget. I fell in love with seeing numbers that were objective rather than guesstimates. I fell in love with the degree of control it gave me to plan and execute campaigns.

Hi, I'm victoria! Founder of brandhouzz, analytics lover and perpetual ex-pat.

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