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BrandHouzz offers a variety of professional training programs that are customised for your team based on your unique goals. We meet you where you are and develop a workshop and materials that help you get to where you want to be.

And while digital marketing may not be your area of expertise, with the right training, you and your team can create and implement digital marketing campaigns that put you in front of the people who need you most.

The more you and your team know about digital marketing, the more empowered you’ll be to use it to your advantage in the online marketplace. 

PR professionals are trained to write but don’t necessarily have the SEO expertise needed to make sure their content is seen online. With our SEO for PR training, we teach PR professionals the basics of search engine optimization without getting too technical. We show them what they need to know if they want to write dynamic, engaging press releases that are optimized for Google.

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SEO For Public Relations

For LinkedIn, we focus on the fundamentals of the social media platform as well as making individual profile recommendations. Our training designed for junior-level professionals gives an overview on how they can use the LinkedIn platform to network and sell online. Our senior-level training is designed for executives who want to learn how to use their LinkedIn accounts to become thought leaders in their industry.

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Don’t see the digital marketing topic you’re looking for above? We customise each of our workshops based on the needs of your team. Reach out to let us know what type of training you need, and we can develop a programme just for your team.

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