Writing News Releases that Serve up Better Clicks for Longer

This practical digital course will take you from second guessing yourself and chasing algorithm updates to feeling strategic and SEO-savvy. In this 7 module course you will learn the in-demand skill of crafting SEO friendly press releases to help your company website get more quality clicks and business enquiries.
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The SEO-Friendly Press Release Blueprint

  • Is the most comprehensive course for crafting a press release that will make any news editor looking for “Digital First” thinking happy. 
  • Is based on a multitude of training sessions delivered to in-house and agency comms teams.
  • Has been revamped and updated to help you draft a Digital First press release, AND a news update for your company. 
  • Will show you how to promote your news content making your efforts writing it worthwhile, driving more traffic, engagement and enquiries to your business.

The SEO friendly press release blueprint:

Is this course for me?

The SEO friendly press release blueprint is for anyone who creates PR/news content – be that an organization they work in or for their agency clients

Do you draft or edit PR/News comms content?

Do you want to upskill your PR/Comms skills?

Do you want to start a career in PR/Comms?

What's more...

This course will arm you with in-demand skills without the technical overwhelm and will give you the confidence to craft news content that works for your marketing funnel AND can support the sales funnel.

You and I both know that crafting a good corporate press release takes time and effort: you have to source quotes, stats, revisions and sign offs. It requires input and approvals from senior management (and fee earners if you are doing it for a professionals services firm).
So when these efforts don’t produce tangible results, it’s disappointing and frustrating, to put mildly, agree? Perhaps you’ve experienced it in your work? I have…Will there be clicks and backlinks or not? Too often it was a gamble at the mercy of a news cycle.

After much trial and error, I developed a framework which allowed me and my team to have confidence in the press releases we issued and their online visibility long after we clicked “send” an “publish”. 

I spent over 15 years in corporate marketing and comms, both in-house and agency side. I am old enough to have worked in comms when corporate PR was about newspapers and professional magazines; however, over the years, I developed a successful career supporting clients’ digital campaigns.
The SEO Friendly Blueprint is based on years of my own experience: on tweaks that made a huge difference, on mistakes that made me kick myself, on clients’ feedback about new contracts on the back of a campaign, on hundreds of hours of campaign debriefs and countless number of traffic analysis which the geek in me enjoys a bit too much.

From the founder of brandhouzz, victoria

Why I decided to create this course

By the end of this course, you will

Have an understanding of how to craft a press release that addresses the ‘digital first’ demand from the editors.

Be able to use a framework for optimizing different press release types to have the best impact on your site’s SEO.

Be able to edit and optimise an existing draft news release using a proven formula.

Have the checklist for amplifying the impact of your news release.

Have a monitoring and measuring process you can adapt for your own reporting.

 Have a campaign debriefing checklist to optimise future campaigns.


The SEO-Friendly Press Release Blueprint

What's inside?


Module 1: Digital First

What is it all about, and what do editors mean when they prioritise content that’s optimised for "digital first"?


Module 2: Ingredients of an optimised, SEO-friendly press release.

You will learn essentials of an SEO-optimised press release. Non-technical but practical tactics you will be able to repeat over and over.


Module 3: Optimisation best practice for specific types of news releases.

Appointments and hires, product/service launches, new location/business expansion, M&A and contract wins – you will learn unique SEO tactics for different types of news releases.


Module 4: News update for your website - make it work!

Learn how to best utilize your news release for your company website and boost your site's SEO with it.


Module 5: Extended version of the news release - create evergreen content.

Learn how to optimise the simplest of press releases and give it the potential to be an evergreen landing page.


Module 6: Propagate.

Learn how to leverage your team and digital marketing resources to give your update the traffic and life span it deserves! (Hint: one tweet is not enough.)


Module 7: Monitor and measure.

You will learn about essential KPIs to monitor, how to do a campaign debrief and set up SOPs (standard operating procedures) to use for your next campaigns.

What you can expect when you enrol

7 implementation modules showing you everything you need to know to write an SEO friendly press release or a news update for your company website

A proven SEO optimimsation formula you can apply to different types of news content

A framework to amplify your news content reach

A campaign debrief checklist to use over and over

Worksheets and checklists to use during the course

Practical examples and exercise to solidify your lessons

Live lessons training sessions and access to recorded lessons

Bonus lesson: utilising ChatGPT to your advantage


Are you ready to go from second guessing yourself and chasing algorithm updates to feeling strategic and SEO-savvy?


 Frequently Asked Questions


How will the lessons be delivered?

Each module will be delivered live online. You will be given an opportunity to join live and/or watch the replay.


How much time to I need to plan for the lessons?

Each module doesn’t take more than an hour and you should plan on maximum one hour to work through practical parts of the lessons.


When does the course start?

The course starts on September 26th 2023.


Can I sign up my whole team to the course.

Of course you can! Drop me an email about it.


Do I need to have any knowledge about SEO to take this course?

Not at all! If you have prior knowledge of SEO – that’s great. You’ll learn how to apply it to your PR efforts. But if you don’t, you’ll get to learn SEO fundamental in the context of PR.


Is there a payment plan?

Not at this point.


Does this course qualify for CPD?

I’m afraid not.


Will there be a way to address questions if I have any during the course?

Absolutely! You’ll be given an option to submit questions which will be addressed in weekly Q&As.

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