See where you stand in the online marketplace with a comprehensive digital marketing audit. 

Digital Marketing Audit

At BrandHouzz, we want to make sure that your digital content is working to your advantage. We offer a digital audit that takes a look at all of your online content to determine the health of your current online marketing while identifying opportunities for improvement.

From your social media and website content to your SEO and paid advertising—every piece of digital content helps you gain visibility in the online marketplace so you can reach the people who need you most.

Your digital marketing footprint is made up of a lot of different pieces

We use software to crawl your website and determine where you stand from a technical search engine optimization standpoint. We interpret the data and report back to you in language you can understand. We review this part of the digital marketing audit with you using the traffic light approach by identifying red (essential), yellow (needs to improve), and green (working well) elements of your technical SEO.

Technical SEO Audit

For the online content audit, we identify content that’s performing well as well as content that’s not performing. Through competitor and industry research, we also identify the type of content that you need to be competitive in your industry. Then, we make recommendations for new content based on this audit and research.

Online Content Audit

For this part of the audit, we look at where your organisation is in terms of social media and paid online campaigns. In addition to looking at the content you’re currently creating, we also look at factors like who you’re engaging with, where you’re spending your time online, and where you can improve for better results. 

Social Media & Paid Advertising Audit

Once we review all elements of your digital footprint, we put together an honest, easy-to-understand scorecard that shows you where you stand while addressing any issues we’ve identified. This comprehensive report is NOT full of meaningless marketing jargon - just actionable recommendations you can put into place as soon as possible.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Report

Don't have time to implement all of our suggestions?

We can help with that too. During the report presentation, we’ll discuss what options you have for moving forward with implementation using our team.

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